Biologicos de ejemplos fenomenos

Among these was a box of sandal-wood secured by bands of steel of Oriental workmanship, and inscribed with mystic characters known only to the learned few. This box and its inscription had occupied the college for several sessions, and had biologicos de ejemplos fenomenos much long and grave dispute. At the time of my visit a very ancient owl, who had recently biologicos de ejemplos fenomenos from Egypt, was seated on the lid of the box lecturing upon the inscription, and he proved from it that the coffer contained the silken carpet of the throne of Solomon the wise; which doubtless had been brought to Toledo by the Jews who took refuge there after the downfall of Jerusalem. When the owl had concluded his antiquarian harangue the prince remained for a time absorbed in thought. I have heard, said he, from the sage Eben Bonabben, of the wonderful properties of that talisman, which disappeared at the fall of Jerusalem, and was supposed to be lost to mankind. Doubtless it remains a sealed mystery to the Christians of Toledo. If I can get possession of that carpet, my fortune is secure. The next day the prince laid aside his rich attire, and arrayed himself in the simple garb of an Arab of the desert.
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